As of April 2022, Caregivers and HCPs will now have their own profile pages. Find out what these care providers can now do to create a full comprehensive profile page.

What's New?

  • Background Photo
    Caregivers can now personalize their background photo

  • Caregiver Status
    ShareCare Verified or Covid-19 Vaccinated statuses are now shown publicly

  • Documents Section
    Caregivers now have a section to directly upload and view needed documents

  • Badges | Caregiver Only
    A list of all the badges a caregiver has earned

  • Reviews & Recommendations | Caregiver Only
    Caregivers can now view profile reviews and comments about themselves

  • Nearby Caregivers | Caregiver Only
    A good way for a caregiver to compare their profile to other good examples

  • Shift Preferences | HCP Only
    Shift availability/assignment preference

Other Sections

  • About Me
    Description about themselves (Bio)

  • Caregiver Services & Expertise
    Types of services offered and areas a caregiver may expertise in

  • Job Preferences
    Length of job, job types, and languages spoken

  • Experience & Education
    Past work experience, education history, certifications/licenses, and direct link to take CareAcademy courses with CareLinx

Caregiver Profile Example:

HCP Profile Example:

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