One of the ways to verify a client’s bank account is through the micro-deposits verification process.
When the bank is added, Stripe will send two small amounts to the customer’s bank account. These amounts will take 1-2 business days to show up in the customer’s bank account.

Once the customer receives the micro deposit, the customer will enter the micro deposit values on the CareLinx site or share the micro deposit with a CareLinx staff member to enter for them. If the values entered match the microdeposits that Stripe sent, then the bank account will be verified. Now the client's bank account can be charged.

NOTE: Customers will have up to a maximum of three chances to correctly enter their micro deposit amounts.

Should the verification process fail, follow this process:

  • Ask the client to retry and check that the numbers are correct.

    • Typically there are 2 debits in 1 day and 1 credit a few days later.

      • E.g. -$0.12 , -$0.34, +$0.46.

    • The client will need to enter the 2 debits as "12" and "34" (whole numbers rather than the currency format).

  • AFTER 3 Uncessfull Attempts CareLinx blocks any additional entries.

    • If the client is blocked after the 3 tries, it is possible to go into Stripe to enter the 2 numbers on the Stripe portal.

      • Request assistance from the following individuals with access to the Stripe portal: Juan Garcia, Yeong-Ping Koh, Vince Dee

    • If the individuals listed above are not available or they are unable to assist with the issue, Stripe customer support can also help us re-enter it.

Final Option: If the above process has been completed and the verification process still fails, OR the client cannot find the micro-deposit numbers, follow this process:

  • Step 1: Ask the client to send a void check AND a redacted version of a bank statement that clearly shows the full account and routing numbers.

    • The client must blank out any other sensitive information-- we only need the routing and account numbers.

  • Step 2: In a secure email, send the information provided by the client to Juan Garcia (or Payment Operations designee).

    • The secure email must include:

      • Dash link

      • Attachment of void check and bank statement

    • Juan (or the Payment Operations designee) will contact Stripe Support. The Stripe Support team will investigate the issue and manually verify the bank account.

  • Step 3: Account verified. The client's bank account can now be charged.

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