Description: Members are eligible for 6 hours in-home care post-hospitalization. CareLinx and UHC highly recommend calling CareLinx upon discharge to get started with the hours as soon as possible, preferably within 30 days of the members discharge date. Members are eligible after each qualifying discharge.

Launch Date: Select Groups- October 1, 2021| January 1, 2022


UHC Group represents different types of group populations and provides insurance to those members. For example, UHC may decide to provide insurance to a group of retired police officers in a given state/market.

CareLinx and UnitedHealthcare are partnering to provide support to retired group retiree members who have been hospitalized at NO COST (unless the member opts to use additional hours outside of the allotted 6).

This benefit offer will be available to ~150 members total in various market areas on October 1, 2021. The program will be available to ALL of their 1 M members on January 1, 2022.

Formal Inclusion Geography: The benefit offer will be available in various market areas and can extend nationwide.

Keywords To Listen For: Longwood Gardens, Post discharge, recent hospitalization, HATH, 6 hours, retirement, retiree, civilian, employee, public employee, group, UnitedHealthcare Group, Medicare [Advantage] HealthSelect, TRS, ERS, CalPERS, LACERS

Questions To Ask If You Are Unsure Whether Member Is Med Supp or UHC Group:

  • Have you recently been discharged from the hospital?

  • Are you a member of the United Healthcare Group Retiree?

Slack Channel: #uhc-healthyathome

Benefit / Program Offer:


Benefit Details

Market Area

Healthy at Home/Post Discharge

Members are eligible for 6 hours in-home care post-hospitalization. Enrollment should occur within 30 days of discharge


Value Add/Private Pay

Private pay option. Members will receive a one time benefit of 4 hours after the first 10 paid hours and an ongoing 18% service fee.


Benefit utilization:

Shifts will be used in a minimum of 2-hour increments; however, members are free to consume their monthly benefit hours in whatever hourly increments they would like as long as it is at least a 2 hour shift. Shifts cannot exceed 6 hours.



Toll-Free Number

Post Discharge/ HATH

1 (844) 383-0411

B2B Payer Advisor- HATH

1 (844) 727-0493


Caregiver Role:

Caregivers in this program can help with ALL activities of daily living as requested by the member. Members should expect that their caregiver will be asking and documenting some initial visit questions developed by UHC’s clinical team as well as more limited questions in subsequent visits. These questions include:

  • Primary care provider information

  • General questions about physical and behavioral health

  • Loneliness and social isolation

  • History of falls

Relevant Links:

Shortened Operations Training [In Progress]

Healthy at Home Scripting [In Progress]

Caregiver Vetting

Family members are able to join the CareLinx platform, as a caregiver for the member/care recipient. They must follow all of CareLinx policies, along with also completing the following vetting requirements:

  • Phone Interview

  • Background check (Dates back 7 years; done at both County and Federal level

  • 2 Professional References

  • 10 Panel Drug Screening


  • Care Plan Training

  • United Healthcare Group Training for Caregivers (Care Academy)

  • CareLinx 101

  • Being a professional Caregiver

Hand Off Process

If you receive a call from a caller that states they have UnitedHealthcare, please go through the following steps AFTER explain to the caller that we have designated care advisors to assist them with their benefit

  1. Attempt to warm transfer to the B2B Payer Advisor- HATH call center for a trained payer CA

  1. BEFORE bringing caller on the line- give CA clients name, phone number, and program they are apart of, as well as the reason they are calling

If no agent is available- Please ask the caller for the best time for a callback, then forward over to #intercom-uhc

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